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T4M Structure

Notes: SPV Special Purpose Vehicle
– Staff training on report writing for information sharing between SPV, National HQ and the Group Holding Company
– Inter/intra-departmental communication at SPV level and National HQ
– Regular inspection of SPV sub-departments by National HQ

Explanatory Notes & Terminologies: DIR. (Director); AHR (Administration & Human Resources); F&A (Finance & Accounts); ST&I (Strategy, Trade & Investments); PROC & SCM (Procurement & Supply Chain Management); MPR&P (Media, Public Relations & Protocol); RLS&CSR (Rural Livelihood Specialist & Corporate Social Responsibility); Ops TOMQC&RM (Technical Operations, Monitoring, Quality Control And Rice Milling); LS/BS (Legal Services & Board Secretary); ET/R&D/ICT/CD (Education, Training, Research & Development, ICT, Curriculum Development); SMA&E (Sales, Marketing, Advertisement And Export); SS&L (Security, Surveillance & Logistics); EMWM&ES (Equipment, Machinery, Works, Maintenance And Engineering Services); IA&FA (Internal Audit And Forensic Accounting); SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle); POD (Project Operations Director); PM (Project Manager); PS (Project Supervisor).

Each SPV Project is a vehicle for the delivery of T4M Agritech Rural Development Programme namely: Food Security, Employment Creation, Capacity Building (Training, Skills/Knowledge Transfer & Exchange Learning programme), Poverty Eradication & Sustainable Development within the project catchment area. Mini SPV is defined and should be understood as a semi-autonomous self-accounting management unit for each and every subsidiary/associated crops ranging between 50 – 500 ha. per each subsidiary crop with responsibility not only for cost, revenue and profit center management, but for the management and implementation of all T4M Rural Development Programme within the wider SPV);

Our mission is to deliver through the Public Private Partnership And Public Private Community Partnership models, a successful and impact oriented Agriculture and Rural Development Programme in Nigeria and Sub Sahara Africa. T4M business model/philosophy centers around seven key principles utilising our wealth of international experience, expertise knowledge, skills and affiliation with our Vietnamese partners to develop a viable and selfsustainable large-scale, mechanized commercial rice production and processing facility. This primarily involves paddy rice production, milling, value chain processing, packaging, sales and marketing for both local and international markets. We have adopted the systems approach model as a vehicle to address key Developmental issues in Nigeria and Sub Sahara Africa as a means to contribute towards:

    • Food Security (providing self-sufficiency in local rice production, cassava and associated crops products at an affordable price and readily available in the Region for local consumption and export).
    • Job Creation and Employment Opportunities (A minimum of 4,000 jobs per each SPV)
    • Capacity Building through Training, Knowledge Transfer and Learning exchange programme.
    • Self-Sustainable Development
    • Poverty Eradication
    • Social Venture
    • Rural Development and
  • The generation of high returns for T4M Agritech Group, Our Investors, Community Partners and other Stakeholders

Our T4M agribusiness model offers Public, Private, Partnership sector solutions in Agriculture, food security, employment, infrastructure, human resource development, capacity building and Rural Development programmes in the Niger Delta Region and to replicate the model to other parts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.

This document is highly confidential and it contains some of the technical and detailed aspects of T4M Agritech Group operations with our UK and Vietnamese Technical Partners.

The contents of this document are the intellectual property of T4M Agritech Group and its affiliated SPV Companies in UK, Nigeria and Vietnam and must not be reproduced in whole, or in part, without the SPV Companies  written authority.

T4M Agritech Group.
Dr. Sample A. Ibemerum,
Group Managing Director/GCEO
Copy Right Feb. 2017

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