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Our Aim & What We Do

Our aim is to deliver, through the JV PPP and PPCP models, a successful and impact-orientated Rural Development Programme through the agric-sub sector in Nigeria, to be replicated to other parts of Nigeria and sub Saharan Africa. Our core business module/philosophy centres around eight key principles, utilizing our expertise knowledge base, skills, and international wealth of experience and affiliation with our Vietnamese partners and UK technical team, to develop a viable and self-sustainable large-scale, mechanized commercial rice cultivation, production, processing, packaging, sales and marketing for both local and international markets. We have developed and adopted a unique and innovative systems approach model as a vehicle to addressing Key Developmental issues in the Niger Delta Region in particular and Sub Sahara Africa in general towards the following Socio-Economic Sustainable Development benefits:

  • Create self-sustainable development and poverty alleviation in the Niger Delta Region, to be replicated to other parts of Nigeria and Sub Sahara Africa.
  • Create employment opportunities with a minimum of 4,230 jobs per each 10,000 ha State SPV at the primary farm production level in the Niger Delta Region State for the indigenes from casual staff, lower level staff to management and senior staff. As a minimum, a total of 140,000 jobs will be created at the primary production level within the first 3 years from the full commencement of operation, beside the huge jobs that will be created at the other two main value chain levels of: Food Processing and Marketing, not to mention the millions of jobs and other employment opportunities that will be created at the supply chain management levels and the down-stream economic sector for the Niger Delta Region, and by implication, bring about a sustainable enhancement and economic multiplier chain effect to the Nigeria economy.
  • Bring about Full scale Food security, make rice and allied agricultural products competitive and available in the Niger Delta Region for local consumption with 40% earmarked for export overseas;
  • Capacity Building through Training, Knowledge Transfer, Learning exchange programmes on all aspects of Rice Production and Value Chain Process. We will Develop, Promote, assist and support over 2,500,000 Out-Grower scheme in the Niger Delta Region;
  • To transform and restore the NDR as a peaceful region free from Youth Restiveness, Militancy, Kidnapping, etc., to become the Beacon of Hope for Prosperity, Sustainable Development, Food Security and the Economic Base of Nigeria;
  • The development of Agribusiness Crops Cultivation, Production And Value Chain Processing, Packaging, Sales And Marketing of  Made in the Niger Delta Goods, Products and Services both national and export internationally.
  • Social Venturing and Economic Inclusion, wherein, 5% of our net profit will be deployed for the provision of, and the improvement in, the capacity for social and economic enhancement (housing, electricity, clean drinking water, roads, schools, hospital, infrastructure, education), etc.
  • Yield and Increased internally generated Revenues for the Niger Delta State Governments, dividends and Profit shares for Federal Government of Nigeria, T4M Agritech Group, Our Investors, Financiers and Local Content Stakeholders.

T4M Joint Venture (JV) is a unique business model and the first of its kind in the Niger Delta region, Nigeria and sub Sahara Africa. The model is expected to generate strong and unmatched financial, developmental and community returns and benefits to T4M Agritech Group, our Investors, Financiers, NDR States/Federal Government and other local content stakeholders.

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T4M Agritech Group is committed to unparalleled quality products and Rural Development services in all aspects of our business. At T4M Agritech, we pledge to produce very high quality products and unparalleled rural development services as we strive to gain the respect and trust of stakeholders’ everyday.